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The Root of the Problem

As a coach I see many people who come to me with the aim of growing confidence in their abilities. This is where they perceive their issue to be.

Heads Up: I'm about to get a little woo-woo.

Pause for a moment and imagine yourself, as a gorgeous Willow Tree. The leaves and branches of the tree are your confidence; they come and go and blow away with every season, sometimes the branches snap but they grow back. Regardless, the tree itself remains. It stands tall through all weathers.

Now, envisage yourself in a nasty, wild storm. As a tree, you’re going to be truly tested. If your roots are not secure and strong then you will blow over; if your roots are secure then you will remain strong for hundreds of years to come.

This is how I see it. Your self belief is the root, the foundation to everything you do. If you stripped yourself back to the root of yourself, what would be left? Without the qualifications, confidence and all the material aspects of your life, would you really understand and know your worth? Would you truly believe in yourself?

Don’t get me wrong, confidence is such a big part of you growing and developing but we also have to make sure that your self belief is there to begin with. As a coach this is the key to everything I do. Clients want me to help with their confidence and I can absolutely do that, but the only way to make sure that this stuff sticks is by going to the root of the issue and that is self belief . If you 100% know you can be successful, but are simply stuck about how to do it then great, but if you don’t actually believe you can achieve anything you want, well then there lies the issue.

Often there is an underlying belief of not being good enough or feeling that you don’t really deserve the success you long for - and unless this is addressed any results will often be sporadic and patchy.

When I started out on my journey to become a qualified Mindset Coach I spent a large amount of time studying my craft. Over time I have built up my coaching hours and the results I am getting for my clients is amazing. At the very beginning of my journey I 100% lacked confidence. But as I studied and the more people I coached I really started to feel more confident in my own ability, and my confidence is continuing to grow. But if I look back at where I started, I would never have started if I didn’t have the self belief that what I am now doing was possible.

Self belief is very powerful. Every journey of self confidence begins with self belief. Without self belief, self confidence can never be achieved.

Here are my Top Tips to help improve your Self Belief:

1. Who do you want to be?

Make a list of all the things you would like to achieve and believe. It will be hard at first but keep pushing aside all those negative thoughts.

2. Face your fears

Start by working out the source of your self doubt and tackle this first, then slowly keep tackling all the things that make you feel scared

3. Stand up to your Inner Critic

The more you shut it down and fight back the less control it has over you. I genuinely believe this is one of the biggest things that can help you improve your self belief.

4. Be Supportive of Others

If you are actively encouraging other people to follow their dreams then this will have a positive effect on your own behaviour. The more positive you can be in all areas of your life, will rub off on how you are with yourself.

5. Cut out the negative in your life.

This means all those people that you hang out with that you know are not good for you. This is hard but it's so worth it. You become like the people you hang around, this is a fact so start thinking more about who those people are.

If you feel that you need support in making major changes in your life to support the life you want to live, then please do reach out and I would be happy to talk to you about options you have to work with me.

The final thing I want to say is that as soon as you start prioritising yourself, magic happens!

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