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All it Takes is a
Leap of Faith...

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to find your way.

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Draw a Line Coaching

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Mark Twain.

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My Find Your Way Program is for you, the person who is so completely lost right now & doesn’t know which path to take.

This programme will help lift you up so you are able to see all the possibilities which lie ahead & give you the confidence to draw that line and...

find your way.

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Imagine waking up feeling as light as a feather because you have finally let go of all the baggage you have been holding on to.

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Imagine finally feeling like YOU again because you have let go of everyone else’s opinions and are back on the right path.

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Imagine that you finally have clarity on what you want in life. You have a path now & you can see it! 

How exciting is that?

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No more imagining.  This is all possible & can be true!

Find Your Way - exhale, embrace, create & energise. It’s the discovery of all new possibilities!

This programme takes you from that feeling of LOST to being LIGHTER & FREE.  You will leave the programme being  free-er than you have in a long time!  

 Having drawn that line & found YOUR WAY! 

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Are you fed up hearing yourself repeating the same old excuses as to why you haven't got your act together?

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Are you feeling sad and irritated all the time because you just don’t feel happy & can’t understand why?

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Are you hiding away from life & the people around you?

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Do you just feel stuck and unfulfilled, unable to make decisions  about your life or what you want?

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Who is Sarah?

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I know exactly where you have been because I was you.   I’ve been where you are,  riddled with self-consciousness & never feeling good enough, repeating the same behaviours over and over again ….it is so exhausting right?  Finally, I called it on my own bullshit & I found myself a life coach who enabled me to unshackle myself from a childhood narrative I was playing on repeat. The day I realised I had the power to transform my thoughts and therefore my behaviours, was the day I did just that! It was incredible!


And now I’m here to help you do the same.     Think of me as that wee Scottish angel in your pocket ready to help you FIND YOUR WAY.


I should probably introduce myself properly, right? – So, I’m Sarah, the Founder of Draw A Line Coaching.  I am a certified Life Coach, Mindset Coach, Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner & Reiki Practitioner.  Basically, this means I have all the tools to help you take that first step to Freedom…really FIND YOUR WAY.  Find the right path for you so you can see your future as you would like it. Discover the freedom to heal yourself and be happy (whatever happy means to you 😊)


I’m a firm believer that letting go of all the things holding you back and uncovering your true self, is the key to a more fulfilling life.


It’s time to get you back on track.​​ 

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"Sarah naturally creates a trusting platform where you can feel comfortable talking about your world. From changes in life to assisting in reaching your dream goals." 


So let's talk about what is included in the programme:

Week 1 – EXHALE

Past Energy Mindset Work - this where we really  delve deeply into your past to understand your mindset & see where there are blocks preventing you from being you.

Week 2 – EMBRACE

Future Flow Sessions - this includes working on your alignment with what you want & see how all the contributing factors around are supporting or hindering you.

Week 3  - CREATE

My uniquely created Draw A Line Journey – this part of the programme is where the magic of the healing happens & you start to take action!


This part of the programme is all about aligning your body & energy with all the work you have done on your mind.  This is done through a Reiki Energy Healing Session.

By the end of this journey with me you will have fully drawn that line on your old self, and beliefs & you will have found your way.


 You will have found the real you & the path to whatever journey comes next. 



Just remember it all starts with a leap of faith 😊

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My real aim with FIND YOUR WAY is to help LIFT YOU UP so you can see what is ahead.  


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  • What is the time scale of the programme?
    The programme is for 12 weeks. 1 session every 2 weeks.
  • What Techniques are used?
    The techniques I will recommend to use will be based on the information that I gain in Session 1 and include techniques such as, Neuro Linguistics Programming, Time Line Therapy, Hypnosis & Reiki.
  • Can I call you at any time during the month?
    During the course of the programme you will have access to me through the VOXER App where I will be available to chat if anything comes up for you whilst we are going through the programme.
  • Is there a Payment Plan?
    Yes there is a payment plan option: £300 when you book then £150 to be paid in Month 2 and Month 3
  • Why is the price so cheap?
    This is my first time launching this programme and I need you to help me with three things: 1 Give me feedback as you go, so that I can make sure it's perfect. 2 A video testimonial from you will be like stardust! By sharing yours, you'll help me to grow and expand my awesome offers 3. That you complete the additional tasks for each session and properly commit to the programme.


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