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Cutting the confusion out of Coaching

Since I started on my journey of self-discovery and coaching appeared to me, I can honestly say I have not looked back. Yes, it certainly was the hot topic of 2021 and looks set to be even more so in 2022– Life Coaching is another one of those buzz words we hear thrown around but what does it mean? How can finding the right coach really help you sort your sh*t out? Well, I am here to help.

Coaching is incredibly different to Therapy or Counselling so let's just get that straight off the bat. Coaching is all about facing the future & reaching for goals. Yes, you must delve into the past at the very beginning to perhaps help clear up some issues that are lingering, but for the majority of what you do with a Life Coach/Mindset Coach it will be all about you finding your way and what you want out of life. Sounds daunting right? Yep, it is because it makes you think. Coaching is seen as a journey of reflection, discovery and self awareness combined with action, motivation and goal orientation where required.

So let's talk through the differences with Counselling and Coaching. Counselling is focused on the path, and on understanding. This can usually be open-ended. Clients come with problems, usually of an emotional nature. Coaching on the other hand is focused on the future, visits the past for learning and resources for future focus. Normally uses fixed duration and clients come with both positive and negative issues.

You must go into Coaching knowing that the only person who can fix you is YOU. This is super important. Your Life Coach is there to guide and support you, to ask the right questions, to get those light bulb moments; however, you are one in the driving seat not them, so remember that. So, let's look at an example: Laura is really struggling with getting her sh*t together, she is 32 and life just isn’t working out as she had planned, she keeps trying and failing. Laura is the ideal candidate for Coaching. A Coach would really be able to help her identify her patterns of behaviour, what she is fearing the most, what strategies she has in place for keeping herself safe (yes, we all have these, they are buried in our subconscious so we are really unaware of them, but they are there.)

Coaching is an effective form of support: it's not going to fix what’s happened in the past but it allows you to be able to let go, find your own way and feel happy and comfortable with that. Your Life Coach is there to LISTEN to what you say and also what you don’t say. It's way more than just the words you use, its your body language and tone of voice and the direction your eyes go in when you speak. This is called Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP). This is the practice of understanding how people organise their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do. Being a qualified NLP Practitioner myself gives me valuable insights into my clients and allows me to go a lot deeper and to really try to understand their map of the world.

So how does it work exactly?

Generally, Coaches like myself will offer a Package of sessions – it can be 3 or 6 sessions. What I have done is put together a 1-month package, which involves face to face (or on zoom) work with me, as well as some work to do on your own (in the form of a workbook), along with a session of Reiki Energy Healing at the end. I am a firm believer that what needs help in your Mindset also needs help in your body to unblock negative energy, so I have combined Mindset and Magic and it works perfectly! Now the thing to remember here is that you are always in charge. It is up to you to do what is discussed at each session. If you choose me, I will always give suggestions and ideas about what I want to do and what I think would work, but at the end of the day you are in the driving seat, so please remember that. 😊

You will probably have noticed that Life Coaches can really vary in their delivery and approach to helping and supporting their clients. At the end of the day, you must fully trust your Life Coach. You must believe that you can change with their help. You must be able to tell them your deepest darkest secret if you need to. So please remember this when you are thinking about who is a good fit for you.

For many years prior to me embarking on this journey I was repeatedly told by family members that I should go for Therapy, that it would help me let go of the past and make peace with several things. I did investigate Counselling and Therapy but every time I did, and I attempted to connect with someone to support me it never worked out, either I never got a phone call back or I just never felt that it was right for me. I think now I understand why it didn’t: I am very forward thinking, I am always motivated to make changes and to improve myself, so the idea of solely sitting there focusing on the past filled me with fear and dread; I didn’t want to be brought down. I wanted discussion and solutions. Fast forward to 5 years ago and I remember picking up an article about Coaching. It was like a light build moment for me, not only did I see that this was in my future but that I felt that this was exactly what I needed. Luckily for me everything I have studied and trained in the last 2 years I have had practiced on myself. I am the result of 2 years of coaching and honestly, I am blown away by how much I have changed, or in fact how much I have come full circle, being able to draw a line and move forward confidently on the right path for me.

I hope that by reading this Blog and hearing my experiences it gives you an insight into the world of Coaching and if you take anything away from what you have read let it be this: there is absolutely nothing wrong with you; sometimes all we need is a helping hand in life.

If you would like to find out more about working with me then please schedule a call so we can have a chat about how I can support you.

I look forward to chatting with you – sending lots of love and light, Sarah.

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