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The Invisible Force

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Gravity is the invisible force that holds us to the surface of the Earth. Society is the invisible force that holds people in lives they don't want. Society has a incredible way of putting pressure on people when their lives aren't following "the standard path" This invisible force is undeniable a heavy weight on anyone's shoulders. I have a few questions about this - who is society? Why do we give it so much power over our lives? So many stresses and strains put on individuals nowadays is from society and the whole ethos behind keeping up with the Jones' - the invisible force strikes again.

This is where Coaching can play a vital role. Limiting beliefs like the Invisible Force are similar in terms of the pressures they put on an individual. Many people are not aware of the deep rooted impact our beliefs and behaviours have on us. Entrusting a Mindset Coach to help you is the first step towards finding your way back to being yourself.


Here are my top tips to help you on your journey back to you: * Find a Mindset Coach who gets you...and I MEAN really gets you.

* Stop following people on Social Media that make you anxious. * Get enough least 7 hours a night. * Start journaling your thoughts daily. Watch how this will evolve over time. * Surround yourself with likeminded people, not people you think you need to be friends with. * Keep things simple in every area of your life and I mean simple. No overcomplicating.



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